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Hi! I am Gill.

Introduced to the Herbalife Nutrition products by a family member, I was very sceptical but agreed to try the products. I replaced my breakfast and lunch with the delicious Shake meal.


To my surprise, I lost my post pregnancy weight of 6kg and 44cm, shaped up, felt fantastic and then found myself in business when people noticed the changes and wanted to buy what I had used to shift the weight.

Take good care of your body, where else do you have to live?
Jim Rohn

Why Herbalife Nutrition?

Yes, we are a global leader in nutrition, with over 40 years of experience in working with Independent Distributors to provide world-class shakes, snacks and supplements.


Yes, our products are backed by science, made with the finest ingredients and formulated with your needs in mind.

And yes, we are so much more. We’re a community committed to help you make a difference and empower you to achieve your goals.

Say Yes. Join the millions of people around the world who already said yes to Herbalife Nutrition.


We use the finest ingredients and
the most sought-after suppliers in our products.


We invest in the latest expertise, technology and facilities.


More than 300 scientists put product quality, safety and excellence above all.

Personalised Coaching

Making healthier choices and improving your eating habits isn't easy. It's a process that takes time and motivation.


And this is where I can make a real difference.

With personalised guidance, advice and support, I will work with you so you can turn your goals into reality.

Product Ranges


R (1).jpg

Our Core Nutrition range has a variety of delicious shake mixes, protein snacks and low kilojoule drinks to make ensure you easily get all the nutrition you need to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. 



Our Herbalife SKIN® and Herbal Aloe products bring you expert nutrition for your skin and hair care. Infused with vitamins and botanicals our range of skincare and haircare products is packed with daily goodness to enrich your skin and nourish your hair.

Targeted Nutrition


Despite our best efforts, our daily diet may not contain the right levels of every nutrient. This is where dietary supplements can help ensure we’re fueling our bodies right. Vitamins, minerals and other supplements help support overall health and vitality and are key for the body’s normal growth and development.

Sports Nutrition


Train like an athlete. Take your fitness, performance and recovery to the next level with Herbalife24®. Our 24-hour sports line is used by more than 190 sporting teams, athletes and events around the world to help them perform at their best.

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