Health Coach & Nutrition Expert

25 years ago I needed to lose the last stubborn 6 kg after my pregnancies.

Introduced to the Herbalife Nutrition products by a family member, I was impressed with how I shaped up, lost 6kg, 44cm and felt fantastic.

Ever since that experience I have shared the same solution with thousands of customers.



Good day I am Charmayne Etsebeth and I stay in Randfontein.

I was a Payroll manager for many years until I was retrenched just over two years ago.

I am currently still overweight but I was extremely obese, unfit, inactive, unhealthy.

In fact I did not have the guts for much of anything in life.

Until I realized that I have to do something drastic, not just for my loved ones, but for myself.

That is when I started using Herbalife Nutrition consistently, a year ago. I have lost 59kg so far and feel like a new person.

I have loads of energy and zest for life, both physically and emotionally. I now no longer just exist

I'm living and loving life and I'm just so Blessed and Grateful.

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