Growing Old is Inevitable but Growing Up is Optional

In exactly the same way, ageing with Health and Vitality is a choice. The human body is much like a car - it can be properly maintained and run well for many years or it can be neglected and then let you down at the most unexpected and inconvenient time.

Most "dread diseases" (heart attack, stroke, diabetes, cancer) are non-communicable, which means that, by and large, each individual has some control over whether or not they do begin to suffer from it or how to control it.

Fit and Fabulous recommends a balanced approach of suitable exercise and quality cellular nutrition to achieve the best possibility of quality ageing and living with dignity well into the twilight years. Feel free to read through the educational information provided or contact Gill for a free personal consultation.




A marine lipid complex which contains both sources of essential fatty-acids EPA and DHA. For those who find it hard consuming fish twice a week, get your Omega-3s with Herbalifeline capsules that are easy to swallow and don’t have a fishy aftertaste.

•    Provides EPA Omega 3 fatty acids and DHA.
•    Contains essential oils to enhance and freshen the taste.




Night-time heart nutrition.

High in vitamins C & E to protect the cells from oxidative stress.